Get a Killer Core like Kellan Lutz!

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Kellan Lutz has a supernatural 6-pack to die for! I want those abs (for myself and for my beefy beau).

How does Kellan do it?

There are actually two factors to flaunting a perfect core: the first is training the abdominal area effectively, and the second is getting the definition to show(like in this pic of Lutz)through total body fitness and healthy eating. Are you ready to attack your abs?

Read on for a crash course on training your core!

The Truth about Your Trunk

The abdominal muscles (or trunk or core) have 3 basic functions:

1. They stabilize.

The transverse abdominus (sometimes called the Transversus) is the most important stabilizer.  It is the deepest of the abdominal muscles and works to keep your insides in!  Think of it like a muscular girdle.

2.  They flex.

Flexion is the movement in the basic crunch. The main muscles involved in flexion are in the rectus abdominus.  More importantly, the muscles which create trunk flexion, also prevent  too much trunk extension (the back bending movement).  Having muscles that are strong at doing both will prevent injury, help to keep you upright, and keep you ready to be active in your life!

3.  They rotate.

The major trunk rotators are the internal and external obliques. These are the muscles that help you twist your body side to side, to turn around, and even to roll over in bed. They are also the muscles that you can see along the sides of a sick six-pack!

Having a plan to keep all of these muscles  in check and working efficiently will reduce common injuries and also make the rest of your workouts stronger. Ultimately, that’s the goal of fitness regardless of whether you’re working for strength or to look ripped!

Six-pack Plan of Attack

The good news is that everyone has a natural six-pack! The bad news is that most of us cover it up with a thick layer of fat. Luckily, we can eat clean and train the abs for efficiency, and with a few added components, get them to be as killer Kellan’s.

Here’s what you need to do:

Total Body Two-fers!  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  We LOVE the two-fers.  These are single exercises which work at least two major muscle groups at the same time. Add the following awesome exercises to your workouts and you’ll work the ab muscles while torching calories during the workout and long after.

Deadlifts: 3  sets of 10 (If you’re new to this exercise, ask a trainer for assistance with form and execution of the exercise to avoid hurting your back.

stiff-legged deadlift, fitness

photo credit:; model

Squats: 3 sets of 10 (add weights for an extra burn)

squat, fitness

photo credit:; model

Lunge: 3 sets of  10/leg (hold a dumbell in each have to amp it up)


photo credit:; model

Overhead press: 3 sets of 10 ( use 5-8lb dumbells)

overhead press, fitness

photo credit:; model

Go Hard-core

You’ll feel all of your core muscles tighten and tone with these three moves! The key is to slowly build up the amount of time that you can hold each position. Get ready for the burn!

Side Plank Pose –  start with 20 seconds on each side.  Add 10 seconds each week.

side plank, fitness

photo credit:; model

Simple Plank Pose – start with 30 s and add 10 seconds each week.

plank, fitness

photo credit:; model

Hip Bridge – for added intensity add a yoga block in between the knees (to engage the adductors).

hip bridge, fitness

photo credit:; model

The Final Cut

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Following the above plan will, without a doubt, train your abs to be more efficient and effective. To complete your beach worthy bod, take it up a notch by adding 30 min of cardio every day. Keep things from getting boring by alternating your activity or by adding interval training. Also, it’s essential to fuel your body with healthy, non-processed foods.

Here are a few clean eating tips:

  1. Cut out the candy (like Lutz does before a photo shoot)
  2. Add more lean protein (like chicken, egg whites and fish)
  3. Loose the booze (uneccessary calories which cause bloating)
  4. Decrease the dairy (especially full-fat dairy like cheese and cream)

Who wants abs like a mere mortal? Follow this plan to be on your way to a  killer core and awe-inspiring abs!

Jessica Dart,, Equinox Fitness ClubsJessica Dart
Personal Training Manager
Equinox Fitness Clubs NYC

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