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Working Out After Breast Augmentation

breast enlargement new york city, plastic surgeon new york city, breast augmentation nyc, breast augmentation new york city, dr nicholas vendemia, mas, manhattan aesthetic surgeryYou exercise because you care about how you look. You’ve also chosen to have breast augmentation because you care about how you look, and now you’re ready to get back to the serious business of sculpting your ever-closer-to-perfect ladyframe.

Restless, and wondering how and when to begin your routine? I asked our own Dr. Nicholas Vendemia for his advice on keeping my post-augmentation clients strong,  healthy and SAFE in the gym.

Keep reading for some valuable guidance for active women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery!

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How to Choose Your “Personal” Personal Trainer!

how to choose a personal trainer, the best personal trainers, how to lose weight fast


Personal trainers come in all shapes and sizes and from tons of different fitness and educational backgrounds. From the drill-sargent drive of Jillian Michaels to the  ultra-positive Bob Greene, there’s literally someone for everyone.

Working with a trainer is one of the biggest boosts you can get toward attaining your fitness goals. As a personal training manager, there are certain things I look for when hiring a personal  trainer and you should too! Here are eight tips for choosing your “personal” personal trainer!

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Are You Skinny-FIT or Skinny-FAT?

Tori Spelling, Tori Spelling bikini pics, Tori Spelling too skinny


Who would you rather look like?

Tori Spelling or Jessica Biel ? Paris Hilton or Gwyneth Paltrow?  Giuliana Rancic or Jennifer Aniston?

While all of these women are beautiful and thin, there’s a big difference between skin-and-bones and long-and lean. Ladies, skinny does not equal healthy!

What determines whether you are skinny-fat or skinny-fit  is your body composition.

jessica biel, jessica biel bikini pic, best bikini bodies


Body composition refers to the amount of lean tissues compared to fatty tissues in the body.  A healthy percent of body fat at any age is between 12% and 26%. We think poor Tori is hanging on by a string to the low end of that range. She may be skinny, but it’s scary not sexy!

Read on to find out how to optimize your body composition and stay skinny-fit forever!

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The Top 5 Vital Vitamins for Healthy Skin!

the best vitamins and minerals for your skin, how to get great skin, the best skin care adviceby Jason Agnello

We all know that we can fight fine lines by eating clean and filling up our plates with lots of colorful fruits and veggies. The question is, do you know which vitamins and minerals your skin really wants you to take in?

Keep reading for the top five vital vitamins and minerals for your skin!

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Meatless Monday! The Top 5 Reasons to Go Veg One Day a Week!

meatless mondays, how to go vegetarian, diets that work


Ahh, Monday! A fresh start to a new week full of possibilities.Why not begin your week with a healthy and positive change by going meatless?

No, we’re not preaching some hippy-hellfire telling you to banish burgers forever. Instead, we are suggesting you take a minute to think about the positive changes and health effects of reducing the amount of saturated fat that you consume in your diet.

Skip the sausage and bacon on Monday morning, and read on for 5 health-boosting bonuses of skipping meat one day a week!

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The Princess Project: End of Week Three of The Eat Clean Diet

the princess project, the eat clean diet, diets that workThis was the week of cukes-and-zukes!

I completed one week of Tosca’sCooler One” meal plan, which was a big change from the rest of The Eat Clean Diet so far. I ate more cucumbers and zucchini than I’ve ever had in my life! Yes, I really wanted more carbs than the plan allows, but I did my best 99% of the week, and I lost another pound!

Take a peek at what I learned this week and how to make the cooler one plan work for you too! Continue reading

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Breathe Deep to Fight Fine Lines!

yoga breathing, how to beat stress, relaxation techniques


Are you looking for ways to keep yourself looking and feeling young?

Start now, by using your very own built-in stress regulator, your lungs! Breathwork is just one technique that can help you to relax, look refreshed, and even to perform like a champion.  Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine have long touted the benefits of breathwork. Yogis devote their entire lives to pranic practice. Thanks to researchers like Dr. Andrew Weil, we’re learning more about how and why it works. Dr. Weil’s audiobook: “Breathing: The Master Key to Self Healing” is a great starting point for how to harness the benefits of breathing.

Read on to find out how breathwork can beat stress and help you live younger for longer! Continue reading

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