The Top 3 Signs That Your Cardio Isn’t Cutting It

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We’ve all seen it… that gal (or guy) at the gym who never seems to break a sweat. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Imagine being able to do your cardio, get changed, and head home all without ever needing to shower. Sounds good right?

Wrong! There’s a difference between “going to the gym” and working out.  Make sure you know which is which if you want to get results.

Here are the Top 3 Signs that your cardio isn’t cutting it:

#1  The Cell Phone Workout

If you can talk on the phone, or send text messages, while your doing your cardio, you’re not working hard enough (and you’re not focused on what you’re there for… to burn calories!). Put the phone down, and get moving!

#2  Turn Your Machine On

Guess what?  Just because you see some lights flash when you get on your elliptical machine doesn’t mean that the machine is turned on and giving you the appropriate resistance. You usually at least have to press Quick Start to actually start working out… otherwise, you’re just going through the motions. Make sure your machine is working for you rather than against you by setting the resistance to a level that gets your heart range in it’s target range.

#3  Scrap the Frapp’

The worst scenario you could ever imagine at the gym happens way too often… the machine isn’t turned on, and the gal on the machine is sipping a Venti Frapp that has literally 15 times more calories than she’s burning! This tactic is doomed to failure. While it is true that you have to have energy to workout hard, this is not the energy you need.  Fruits, veggies, and lean proteins will give you the gumption to go full bore without wasting your time.

Don’t forget… it’s not enough to just go to the gym.  Make your time count, and look great for this coming bikini season!  It’s right around the corner.

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