5-Minute FIT Tip. Take the Stairs!

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A few days ago, I was trying to think something new I could add to my daily routine to lose a few pounds, and that’s when it happened… an “a-ha!” moment!  Take the stairs!

It seemed a little daunting at first since I work on the 11th floor and live on the 22nd floor, but I am happy to say it’s worth it. Want to lose an extra pound a week too? Start “stairing”, and read on!

This is a no brainer; stairs are everywhere, free to use, and burn way more calories than pushing the elevator button 🙂  Start your day by walking up the stairs to your office, and keep the burn going wherever you find the opportunity. Remember to put some pep in your step and push yourself by skipping the handrails. I found turning some music on my iPhone speaker helped give me a little boost too, especially toward the end of the day!

Besides burning calories, you will also build up a sexy booty, stronger legs, and extra endurance. You can take the stairs down too, but that’s not going to be the key to rockin’ that bikini in a few weeks… the most bang for your buck in on the way up! I feel more energized and even lost 3 extra pounds this week all from this simple step.

You know how they say… “what goes up must come down”. If you take the stairs every time you need to go up a floor, your weight will drop right off! No excuses, get up and go up… the stairs!

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