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The Not-So-Amazing Acai Berry Diet!

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Last week, shortly after I blogged about the potential health and anti-aging benefits of adding Acai to your diet on FightFineLines.com, the FITFineLines team came across an incredible news story!

Reporter Julia Miller at News 6 took it upon herself to try the “Acai Optimum” and “Advanced Colon Diet” for 4 weeks (This sounds surprisingly similar to The Princess Project right here on FIT!). After 4 weeks, she lost 25 pounds with no special diet, and no intense exercise! Sounds like the mighty Acai just got mightier!!

This amazing “news report,” impressed us until we read the fine print:


We quickly realized that we were looking at an advertisement for a fasting/cleansing type set of products, and NOT a real news story. Bummer dude…

I’ll refer to my own personal “Homeostasis Food Plan”, which you’ll be reading more about very soon, for an explanation of why cleanses, colonics and detoxes are pseudo medicine and not recommended by western doctors:

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Are You Skinny-FIT or Skinny-FAT?

Tori Spelling, Tori Spelling bikini pics, Tori Spelling too skinny


Who would you rather look like?

Tori Spelling or Jessica Biel ? Paris Hilton or Gwyneth Paltrow?  Giuliana Rancic or Jennifer Aniston?

While all of these women are beautiful and thin, there’s a big difference between skin-and-bones and long-and lean. Ladies, skinny does not equal healthy!

What determines whether you are skinny-fat or skinny-fit  is your body composition.

jessica biel, jessica biel bikini pic, best bikini bodies


Body composition refers to the amount of lean tissues compared to fatty tissues in the body.  A healthy percent of body fat at any age is between 12% and 26%. We think poor Tori is hanging on by a string to the low end of that range. She may be skinny, but it’s scary not sexy!

Read on to find out how to optimize your body composition and stay skinny-fit forever!

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Breathe Deep to Fight Fine Lines!

yoga breathing, how to beat stress, relaxation techniques


Are you looking for ways to keep yourself looking and feeling young?

Start now, by using your very own built-in stress regulator, your lungs! Breathwork is just one technique that can help you to relax, look refreshed, and even to perform like a champion.  Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine have long touted the benefits of breathwork. Yogis devote their entire lives to pranic practice. Thanks to researchers like Dr. Andrew Weil, we’re learning more about how and why it works. Dr. Weil’s audiobook: “Breathing: The Master Key to Self Healing” is a great starting point for how to harness the benefits of breathing.

Read on to find out how breathwork can beat stress and help you live younger for longer! Continue reading

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Kelly Bensimon’s Diet Revealed! See How the Real NYC Housewife Stays So Lean

Kelly Bensimon, what does Kelly Bensimon eat, Real Housewives Of New York City


There’s no denying that Kelly Killoren Bensimon has a body that could rival  women even 20 years younger than her, but we’re wondering if she’s taking her dieting a little too far. Should she change her name to “ANA“? In a recent article on The Huffington Post, Kelly reveals what she eats in a day. Check out how this super cut cougar keeps the calories way down!  Continue reading

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The Princess Project

The Princess Project, The Eat Clean Diet, diets that workI want to be a “25”  again before I turn “35“. If you’re thinking, “Don’t we all?”, you’re probably around the same age as me, and dreaming of your wild nights out and being able to survive on 4 hours of sleep every night. What I really mean though, is that I have a pair of ultra sexy, J Brand jeans that are a size “25“, and I did fit in them when I bought them 2 years ago (in my 30’s!). Now, they just lay there, patiently waiting to go out one night, like a lonely housewife.

The Princess Project, Eat-Clean Diet, best diets, fitnessMy plan of action:

  1. try a new diet every 30 days
  2. hit the gym regularly
  3. take control of my body for the rest of my life!

This is The Princess Project; follow me to learn, laugh, and lose!

First diet starts July 1: The Eat Clean Diet awaits!

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Today was a very “un-FIT” day at the Big Apple BBQ Block Party!

Big Apple BBQ Block Party 2010It’s one of the greatest weekends of the year in NYC!

The Big Apple BBQ Block Party is all about meat, meat, and MORE meat… and believe me, there’s way more meat than you could ever eat.

Too many calories? Absolutely!  Worth every bite? You bet!

Big Apple BBQ Block Party

Take a look at the damage I did today:

  • Pulled Pork: 2 freakin’ delicious servings = 800 calories
  • Home-made Sausage: 2 monster-size links = 850 calories
  • Beef Brisket: 1 super tender serving = 305 calories
  • Soft Roll: 1/2 serving = 80 calories
  • BBQ Sauce: 5 servings (10tbsp) = 350 calories
  • BBQ Beans: 1/2 serving = 100 calories
  • Coleslaw: 1 serving = 65 calories
  • Blueberry Cobbler a la mode: 1 serving = 450 calories

TOTAL = 3000 calories!!!

big apple bbq block partyNow take a look at my exercise options to make up for this superstar Pigout!

  • Treadmill: 4 hours
  • Stepmill: 4.6 hours
  • Stairmaster: 6 hours
  • Stationary Bike: 7.1 hours
  • Weightlifting: 11 hours
  • Yoga: 13 hours

See you later… I gotta get to the gym!

Here’s some pics from today:

Big Apple BBQ Block Party


Big Apple BBQ Block Party


Big Apple BBQ Block Party



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5-Minute FIT Tip. Take the Stairs!

fitness, wellness, beauty, workout, weight loss


A few days ago, I was trying to think something new I could add to my daily routine to lose a few pounds, and that’s when it happened… an “a-ha!” moment!  Take the stairs!

It seemed a little daunting at first since I work on the 11th floor and live on the 22nd floor, but I am happy to say it’s worth it. Want to lose an extra pound a week too? Start “stairing”, and read on! Continue reading

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Kim Kardashian On The Cover of Shape

Kim Kardashian, Shape Magazine, fitness, celebrities, beauty, entertainment, workout, weight loss


Check out this cover of Shape Mag… Kim Kardashian looks like she’s in the best shape of her life! Congrats Kim… you look great!  With the success of her workout video Fit In Your Jeans By Friday, and with new commitment to exercise and a healthy diet, Kim is quickly making a name for herself in the fitness industry.

“l’ll be one of those skinny girls, so what?”, Kim says.  With a great attitude like that, we don’t think could have made a better choice for their cover model. You don’t need to be a skinny mini to be healthy… just determined. Kim’s right when she says “there’s nothing easy about being fit and healthy”, but there’s no better feeling than being in the best shape of your life!

Click here to check out her Shape fitness routine.  And click here to read more great articles about Kim.

Take a look at Kim’s butt workout (something she’s definitely known for!)

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Stuck in a Diet Rut? Try the 21-Day Power Lunch Challenge!

lunch break, diet, weight loss, fitness, beautyInstead of plopping down in front of the TV on your lunch hour, try the 21-day “Power Lunch Challenge”.  Munch, Move, and Meditate… Click here to read more!

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Gimme The Skinny On The Baby Food Diet!

What’s so great about the Baby Food Diet?  Why are stars like Jen Aniston and Lady Gaga raving about it?  Click here to find out.


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