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Working Out After Breast Augmentation

breast enlargement new york city, plastic surgeon new york city, breast augmentation nyc, breast augmentation new york city, dr nicholas vendemia, mas, manhattan aesthetic surgeryYou exercise because you care about how you look. You’ve also chosen to have breast augmentation because you care about how you look, and now you’re ready to get back to the serious business of sculpting your ever-closer-to-perfect ladyframe.

Restless, and wondering how and when to begin your routine? I asked our own Dr. Nicholas Vendemia for his advice on keeping my post-augmentation clients strong,  healthy and SAFE in the gym.

Keep reading for some valuable guidance for active women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery!

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The Princess Project: Week One Review of the Skinny Bitch Diet

The Princess Project, The Skinny Bitch Diet, how to go vegan, diets that workVeggie love is in da house!

I will admit that I am already a dairy avoiding pescatarian, but The Bitch takes it all the way the max. No meat, no seafood, no dairy. Also, just like doing  laundry, the diet doesn’t want whites (sugar,flour,rice) anywhere near your colors (veggies and fruits)!

The results? Lots of extra energy and weight loss to boot! Find out more about what I’m eating and how it’s working on the Skinny Bitch Diet!

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The Princess Project: Day One of The Skinny Bitch Diet!

The Princess Project, the best diet advice, diets that workAhh, vacation! A little break from reality and, despite my best efforts, from dieting as well.

I did my best to stick to eating clean, practicing portion control, and to keeping up at the gym. For the most part, it worked. I didn’t gain any weight, but I didn’t lose any either.

It’s time to detox, and that’s going to be a real ‘bitch”. A Skinny Bitch that is!

Despite any negative connotations, this diet couldn’t be further from it’s moniker! Read on to find out the skinny on The Skinny Bitch Diet!

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The Not-So-Amazing Acai Berry Diet!

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Last week, shortly after I blogged about the potential health and anti-aging benefits of adding Acai to your diet on FightFineLines.com, the FITFineLines team came across an incredible news story!

Reporter Julia Miller at News 6 took it upon herself to try the “Acai Optimum” and “Advanced Colon Diet” for 4 weeks (This sounds surprisingly similar to The Princess Project right here on FIT!). After 4 weeks, she lost 25 pounds with no special diet, and no intense exercise! Sounds like the mighty Acai just got mightier!!

This amazing “news report,” impressed us until we read the fine print:


We quickly realized that we were looking at an advertisement for a fasting/cleansing type set of products, and NOT a real news story. Bummer dude…

I’ll refer to my own personal “Homeostasis Food Plan”, which you’ll be reading more about very soon, for an explanation of why cleanses, colonics and detoxes are pseudo medicine and not recommended by western doctors:

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The Top 5 Vital Vitamins for Healthy Skin!

the best vitamins and minerals for your skin, how to get great skin, the best skin care adviceby Jason Agnello

We all know that we can fight fine lines by eating clean and filling up our plates with lots of colorful fruits and veggies. The question is, do you know which vitamins and minerals your skin really wants you to take in?

Keep reading for the top five vital vitamins and minerals for your skin!

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