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Today was a very “un-FIT” day at the Big Apple BBQ Block Party!

Big Apple BBQ Block Party 2010It’s one of the greatest weekends of the year in NYC!

The Big Apple BBQ Block Party is all about meat, meat, and MORE meat… and believe me, there’s way more meat than you could ever eat.

Too many calories? Absolutely!  Worth every bite? You bet!

Big Apple BBQ Block Party

Take a look at the damage I did today:

  • Pulled Pork: 2 freakin’ delicious servings = 800 calories
  • Home-made Sausage: 2 monster-size links = 850 calories
  • Beef Brisket: 1 super tender serving = 305 calories
  • Soft Roll: 1/2 serving = 80 calories
  • BBQ Sauce: 5 servings (10tbsp) = 350 calories
  • BBQ Beans: 1/2 serving = 100 calories
  • Coleslaw: 1 serving = 65 calories
  • Blueberry Cobbler a la mode: 1 serving = 450 calories

TOTAL = 3000 calories!!!

big apple bbq block partyNow take a look at my exercise options to make up for this superstar Pigout!

  • Treadmill: 4 hours
  • Stepmill: 4.6 hours
  • Stairmaster: 6 hours
  • Stationary Bike: 7.1 hours
  • Weightlifting: 11 hours
  • Yoga: 13 hours

See you later… I gotta get to the gym!

Here’s some pics from today:

Big Apple BBQ Block Party


Big Apple BBQ Block Party


Big Apple BBQ Block Party



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The Top 3 Signs That Your Cardio Isn’t Cutting It

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We’ve all seen it… that gal (or guy) at the gym who never seems to break a sweat. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Imagine being able to do your cardio, get changed, and head home all without ever needing to shower. Sounds good right?

Wrong! There’s a difference between “going to the gym” and working out.  Make sure you know which is which if you want to get results.

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