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Need a Diet Boost? Try the 21-Day Power Lunch Challenge!

You’re getting sleepy, verrrry sleeepy! That post-lunch slump is brutal, especially when you have a late afternoon meeting, or worse, you have another 5 hours until your shift ends.

Consider a midday makeover. No, not Botox on your break! Recharge with this diet challenge in the latest Veg Times!

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Kim Kardashian On The Cover of Shape

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Check out this cover of Shape Mag… Kim Kardashian looks like she’s in the best shape of her life! Congrats Kim… you look great!  With the success of her workout video Fit In Your Jeans By Friday, and with new commitment to exercise and a healthy diet, Kim is quickly making a name for herself in the fitness industry.

“l’ll be one of those skinny girls, so what?”, Kim says.  With a great attitude like that, we don’t think could have made a better choice for their cover model. You don’t need to be a skinny mini to be healthy… just determined. Kim’s right when she says “there’s nothing easy about being fit and healthy”, but there’s no better feeling than being in the best shape of your life!

Click here to check out her Shape fitness routine.  And click here to read more great articles about Kim.

Take a look at Kim’s butt workout (something she’s definitely known for!)

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Stuck in a Diet Rut? Try the 21-Day Power Lunch Challenge!

lunch break, diet, weight loss, fitness, beautyInstead of plopping down in front of the TV on your lunch hour, try the 21-day “Power Lunch Challenge”.  Munch, Move, and Meditate… Click here to read more!

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Gimme The Skinny On The Baby Food Diet!

What’s so great about the Baby Food Diet?  Why are stars like Jen Aniston and Lady Gaga raving about it?  Click here to find out.


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