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Are You Skinny-FIT or Skinny-FAT?

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Who would you rather look like?

Tori Spelling or Jessica Biel ? Paris Hilton or Gwyneth Paltrow?  Giuliana Rancic or Jennifer Aniston?

While all of these women are beautiful and thin, there’s a big difference between skin-and-bones and long-and lean. Ladies, skinny does not equal healthy!

What determines whether you are skinny-fat or skinny-fit  is your body composition.

jessica biel, jessica biel bikini pic, best bikini bodies


Body composition refers to the amount of lean tissues compared to fatty tissues in the body.  A healthy percent of body fat at any age is between 12% and 26%. We think poor Tori is hanging on by a string to the low end of that range. She may be skinny, but it’s scary not sexy!

Read on to find out how to optimize your body composition and stay skinny-fit forever!

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