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Raising the Barre: A Ballet Body Workout

Ballerinas don’t just have tight buns on their heads!

Sylvie Guillem, ballet workout, how to get a dancer's body


In my last two posts, I’ve described just how hard dancers work for their bodies. I’m not one of these trainers who claim to have the magic formula known as  the diet and exercise plan that will give you the perfect body in only twenty minutes a day!  It takes time, commitment, and desire.

There is no replacement for the repetition, genetic predisposition, and physical dedication that ballerinas have. However, we can transform our bodies by applying these principles to our own training.  Even though I won’t promise you that by doing these exercises you’ll look like Sylvie Guillem does in this pic,  I can promise you that you’ll hold your head higher and feel stronger in your own daily routine.

Read on for a workout that will keep you on your toes at the gym!

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The Princess Project: Week One Review of the Skinny Bitch Diet

The Princess Project, The Skinny Bitch Diet, how to go vegan, diets that workVeggie love is in da house!

I will admit that I am already a dairy avoiding pescatarian, but The Bitch takes it all the way the max. No meat, no seafood, no dairy. Also, just like doing  laundry, the diet doesn’t want whites (sugar,flour,rice) anywhere near your colors (veggies and fruits)!

The results? Lots of extra energy and weight loss to boot! Find out more about what I’m eating and how it’s working on the Skinny Bitch Diet!

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The Princess Project: Day One of The Skinny Bitch Diet!

The Princess Project, the best diet advice, diets that workAhh, vacation! A little break from reality and, despite my best efforts, from dieting as well.

I did my best to stick to eating clean, practicing portion control, and to keeping up at the gym. For the most part, it worked. I didn’t gain any weight, but I didn’t lose any either.

It’s time to detox, and that’s going to be a real ‘bitch”. A Skinny Bitch that is!

Despite any negative connotations, this diet couldn’t be further from it’s moniker! Read on to find out the skinny on The Skinny Bitch Diet!

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The Princess Project: Review of the Special K Challenge!

The Princess Project, diets that work, diet advice, how to lose weight

I can’t believe another two weeks of dieting are over!

I am wrapping up my tryst with The Special K Challenge and have to admit that this carb-centric kick actually did some good!

Read on to find out the skinny on Special K!

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Are You Skinny-FIT or Skinny-FAT?

Tori Spelling, Tori Spelling bikini pics, Tori Spelling too skinny


Who would you rather look like?

Tori Spelling or Jessica Biel ? Paris Hilton or Gwyneth Paltrow?  Giuliana Rancic or Jennifer Aniston?

While all of these women are beautiful and thin, there’s a big difference between skin-and-bones and long-and lean. Ladies, skinny does not equal healthy!

What determines whether you are skinny-fat or skinny-fit  is your body composition.

jessica biel, jessica biel bikini pic, best bikini bodies


Body composition refers to the amount of lean tissues compared to fatty tissues in the body.  A healthy percent of body fat at any age is between 12% and 26%. We think poor Tori is hanging on by a string to the low end of that range. She may be skinny, but it’s scary not sexy!

Read on to find out how to optimize your body composition and stay skinny-fit forever!

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The Top 5 Vital Vitamins for Healthy Skin!

the best vitamins and minerals for your skin, how to get great skin, the best skin care adviceby Jason Agnello

We all know that we can fight fine lines by eating clean and filling up our plates with lots of colorful fruits and veggies. The question is, do you know which vitamins and minerals your skin really wants you to take in?

Keep reading for the top five vital vitamins and minerals for your skin!

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