The 30-day Summer Slim Down Challenge!

Jason AgnelloTODAY is the day to commit to a trim, sexy, healthy you!

With summer just one short month away, what lies beneath your slick business casual may not be quite bikini-ready. As you visualize your perfect beach weekends, you will soon begin seeing yourself looking and feeling your best…

Keep Reading to commit to learn what the 30-day Summer Slim-Down Challenge is all about, and make sure you share it with all your friends!

30 days: May 21-June 21


  1. Go Green with Vegetables! Of course you can function on bagels, burgers and ice cream, but to thrive and look your best, you must make organic greens and vegetables a priority.  Make the switch from a conventional diet to a primarily plant-based one. Choose leafy greens, salads, vegetables instead of sweet, salty, processed junk. You must avoid refined grain and sugar almost entirely. For you carnivorous types, organic, grass-fed meats are a much smarter choice than grain fed.
  2. No booze! Another source of ugly calories is a toxic substance which many of us consume recreationally. Ideally, by applying the Summer Slim Down plan, we’ll use body fat as metabolic fuel. Nothing disrupts this process faster than drinking alcohol. Additionally, one of the metabolites of alcohol, acetaldehyde, is very toxic. To become the proud owner of a healthy human machine, alcohol and refined carbohydrates should be considered toxic substances which have no place in this plan.
  3. Portion control! Portion control is the obvious way to lessen your caloric intake. If you cut just 500 calories per day, that adds up to 3500 per week. Even without exercise, this caloric restriction will help you lose a pound of fat per week. Choosing greens helps with portion control, as the fiber gives you a sense of fullness and prevents overeating. (Feel free to eat as many vegetables and greens as you want!


  1. Weights! Increased muscle mass, as a result of resistance training will increase your resting metabolic rate and can bring about a host of hormonal changes which trigger a cascade of feelings of well-being, clearer complexion and eyes, and a firm, shapely physique. Resistance training, or “weights” is not body building. It’s not just for guys. And it’s most definitely necessary if you want a lean and strong body. The best basic approach is full body resistance training with the help of a certified personal trainer. Emphasis must be placed on working large muscle groups several times per week. Squats, pushups and rows are examples of multi-joint movements that make up a great full-body workout. Skip single-joint or “isolation” movements like curls and knee-extensions.
  2. Cardio! There’s smart cardio and there’s not-so-smart cardio. If you’re spending 45 minutes or more doing moderate intensity cardio in the “fat-burning zone,”  you’re likely doing your metabolism a disservice.  Suffice it to say that high-intensity interval training is far superior at mobilizing fat molecules for use as fuel than trotting along, barely breaking a sweat on the elliptical.  After a 5 minute warm-up, break into alternating periods of short intense sprints with less-intense recovery periods.  Six to ten repetitions are recommended, depending upon your fitness level.  The high intensity phase should be done at near maximum intensity. The recovery periods should be VERY easy. The total workout is 15-20 minutes. Quick and dirty.
  3. Tabata! One specific protocol for interval training that will get your blood going is called Tabata. CLICK HERE to checkout what I have to say about Tabata training!


  1. Ignore Naysayers! If you want to change your body in 30 days, don’t let anyone stop you!  Someone who isn’t either applauding you or joining you is an obstacle to your success. Ignore them and surround yourself with like-minded people who will support you in achieving your fitness goals.  I have not had a drop of alcohol since April 6, 2012. I have been committed to the very dietary and fitness guidelines that I’m promoting here.  I, literally, have not felt and looked so good in years, and this is just the start. Please reach out to me with questions and for support in the comments section below.
  2. Never Complain! You’re choosing to commit to a 30-day program, so you might as well think of it as a whole-health makeover or even a healthy habits rehab. Regardless, you’re in this 100% or it won’t work.
  3. Learn! Educate yourself. There are several nutrition documentaries available on Netflix. “Food, Inc.” is highly educational, as is “King Corn.” Use this article as a starting point, and continue your own quest to learn about exercise, fitness and better health. If applied for longer periods, this program can also help reduce “diseases of affluence.” Diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart disease, certain cancers can all be attributed to an increased reliance on processed foods and an increase in sedentary lifestyle, so common in modern societies.
  4. Be Realistic! If this all seems overwhelming, and you know you’d rather not commit fully, then start by choosing one bullet point from each group and DO IT FOR 30 DAYS!!  The results will not be as dramatic, but you may feel so good that you’ll decide to adopt the other rules!
jason agnello,, nicholas vendemia, MAS, Manhattan Aesthetic SurgeryJason A Agnello
Tier III Fitness Coach
Equinox Soho
t.  @DailyFitCoach

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