Working Out After Breast Augmentation

breast enlargement new york city, plastic surgeon new york city, breast augmentation nyc, breast augmentation new york city, dr nicholas vendemia, mas, manhattan aesthetic surgeryYou exercise because you care about how you look. You’ve also chosen to have breast augmentation because you care about how you look, and now you’re ready to get back to the serious business of sculpting your ever-closer-to-perfect ladyframe.

Restless, and wondering how and when to begin your routine? I asked our own Dr. Nicholas Vendemia for his advice on keeping my post-augmentation clients strong,  healthy and SAFE in the gym.

Keep reading for some valuable guidance for active women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery!

Weeks 1-2

According to Dr. V, you’ll have to lay low for two weeks, with the exception of static stretching. Try a gentle version of the stretches demonstrated here:

Weeks 2-6

You can add light cardio and lower body workouts after two weeks, but be smart about impact! You don’t want to be trying out your newfound bounciness on the treadmill for at least the first four weeks. Stick to low or non-impact machines like the elliptical or the stationary bike. It’s ok to work hard. Just don’t forget, you’re 2 weeks post op, and the implants need time to settle and heal properly. (More on that later.)

Week 6+

At 6 weeks after surgery, Dr. Vendemia recommends starting slowly back into resistance training with low-weight, high-rep exercises designed to recondition the pec major and shoulder girdles since they will be weak and tight. Put into practice, this means starting with kneeling pushups and light dumbbell bench presses. These upper body exercises are not to be attempted until after 6 weeks in submuscular patients and breast reconstruction patients.

Gals who’ve had subglandular implants may begin upper body weightlifting after 4 weeks. If you’ve only gone in for an implant exchange or revision, you’re out of the game for just one week.

Dr. Vendemia says: “It may be counterintuitive, but core movements like push-ups, bench presses, and isometric exercises are a good way to start building strength after surgery because accessory muscle groups can protect a weak, tight pectoralis. This is a safer strategy than isolating the pec with flyes and cables since it’s much more difficult for accessory muscles to “jump in” and save a tight pec that might be close to injury.”

Check out this safe modification on the pushup:

Making sure to be extremely careful during your recovery and returning to the gym at the right time will ensure proper healing and placement of the implants. Abrupt, careless exercises and movements can affect the final position of the implant or even cause bleeding to occur. Your best bet is to discuss fitness options with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Dr. V explains further: “If bleeding occurs because of too much activity too early in the recovery period, it increases the patient’s risk for developing a capsular contracture in the future. A capsular contracture is a complication in which the scar tissue capsule overgrows and becomes hard and painful. This is a complication that you want to avoid at all costs because it may require additional surgery to fix, and because it tends to recur even after it’s fixed.”

Exercise and cosmetic surgery are both amazing tools for self-improvement and using them together can have striking results. In the end, if you’re patient and intelligent about getting your sweat on, you’ll end up with the body of your dreams!

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6 responses to “Working Out After Breast Augmentation

  1. Excellent post! Losing weight doesn’t require a lot of time or expensive equipment. No Gym Membership Needed!

  2. I think loosing weight required lots of time and care too. When I had my breast surgery I putted lots of weight but yeah exercise is must. Do not think it kills your weight think its giving you good health.

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  4. Claire

    What about when you’ve had implants under the muscle combined with tummy tuck surgery? I was doing 5 sessions @ gym both cardio classes and pump classes plus had an active job. I’m coming up to 8 weeks post op and haven’t done any exercise

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