The Top 4 FIT Tips to Survive the Holiday Hoopla!

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It’s December 21st and we are plowing through the holiday season!

Have you been to four parties in the last week and vowed after each to say “no” to the passed apps and another mistletoe martini?  It’s ok, you’re human!

Use the following 4 top FIT tips to make the next few weeks of seasonal soires less guilt ridden!

Rules of the Road for  Surviving the Holiday Hoopla:

1.  Enjoy yourself!

It’s the time of year to reconnect with family and friends. Enjoy the time to laugh and catch up.
Its ok to have a cocktail!  Just make sure to keep it to a minimum.  Remember that while red wine has polyphenols which are rich in antioxidant properties it is also high in sugar and calories.  Beer is easy but also high in calories and contains yeast, which for some is a digestive nightmare.  Stick to distilled beverages (Gin and Vodka) with plain soda.  Rule of the Road : Keep it clear and stick to one.

2.  Drink water!

It sounds pretty simple but it is so important.  Whether working all day, working out, or shopping ’til you drop, staying hydrated is the key to success.  Shoot for 2 liter daily (a bit more if you are very active).  Be aware of where your water comes from too.  Check out the filtered water bottles at

3.  Avoid Refined Carbohydrates!

Eat whole grains (oatmeal for breakfast), quinoa, and buckwheat instead of  white rice, pasta and bread. When these foods are digested they invoke the same effects as a eating an entire fuitcake! Just steer clear.

4.  Even super quick workouts count!

Getting your heart rate up for even twenty five minutes per day is better than nothin’! Fit in a quick workout when you wake up in the am or on your way home from work.  To make yourself commit, grab a pal to workout with. Circuit through the following exercises for 20 – 25 min:

– run or walk stairs for 30 – 60 seconds

– push ups or modified pushups 10- 20 reps

- body weight squats – 25 reps

– bent over rows with dumbells – 15 – 20 reps

– supermans – 10 reps

– plank 30 – 60 seconds

It is a great time of year to be merry and joyous!  Enjoy it and be thankful that you have the knowledge to stay  fit this season! The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of health to last a lifetime!

Happy Holidays!

Jessica Dart,, Equinox Fitness ClubsJessica Dart
Personal Training Manager
Equinox Fitness Clubs NYC

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