The Princess Project: Pre-Holiday SOS Diet!

diets that work, how to avoid holiday weight gain, holiday weight gain, The Princess ProjectGobble! Gobble!

Thanksgiving is just one week away, and that means so is the “open season” of eating we call The Holidays!

It starts with you behaving by sticking to the crudite before your meal. You plan to eat some white meat and salad, but then you have a glass of wine. Before you know it, you’re sampling stuffing, some potatoes, and pie. Then the pie goes a-la-mode and the diet goes hasta la vista!

Even as a dairy-avoiding-vegetarian, overeating packs on the pounds. I have been dieting diligently for a few months now and really don’t want to ruin the seven pound weight loss that I have earned. I am also being realistic that this month is the start of  major mealtime-meltdowns!

With that, I present to you my holiday eating damage control diet: SOS!

I think it’s the perfect rescue from drowning in a sea of calories this Holiday Season, so read on for more!

Baby, it’s cold outside!

But not in here!

That chill in the air sparked my craving for cozy, comforting food. For mean that means carbs and lots of ’em! shorter days and frantic schedules naturally cause or dizzy dieting minds to want instant seratonin boost and sugar and carbs are the magic bullet.

I haven’t come this far to fall back down though, so I came up with this plan. Oatmeal, Salad, and Soup. This is my “SOS” diet!

What’s a girl to do?

Well, for this plan, it’s pretty simple. start your day with a comforting bowl of oatmeal. Skip those instant packets and buy some old fashioned oats. They take five minutes to make and are free of any crap that sparks cravings( like sugar and salt).

I like to make mine with 1/2 a cup of water and 1/2 a cup of light soymilk (you could use skim too). I also douse it with cinnamon because I find the scent indulgent. A sprinkle of pumkin pie spice or even pure cocoa would have a similar calorie-free effect. You can have your daily Starbucks now too, just stick to a Tall or Short cup and make it skinny.

Lunch is a super salad! I love baby spinach. It’s packed with iron (which we as woman can usually use a little more of), blends well with other flavors, and has a not too crisp crunch.

Add in a bean, cucumbers, carrots, and a healthy protein (tofu,grilled chicken breast,etc) and you’re ready to rock. As for dressing, you’ve gotta learn to love something really light and healthy. Stick to lemon juice for a lively burst or go for a variety of vinegars. Leave out the pre-made muck, including croutons, dressing, and cheese.

You know you will make up for those calories with every cookie you sneak and drink you down at those holiday parties!

I can’t function without a little snack attack in the afternoon. Pick one piece of fruit and enjoy every bite. Have a cup of tea too, while you’re at it.

Soup’s on!

Variety is the spice of life, and the only way to keep yourself on track with a diet! What better way to warm up and slim down than a hot bowl of soup?

There are a million low-cal, low fat, delicious soups out there. Keep an eye out for too much sodium when possible and be sure to avoid anything with a cream base. Otherwise, the sky’s the limit!

I have been making a big pot in the beginning of the week and enjoying it every night. If you need a little more substance, add a serving of healthy, whole grain crackers, rice, or bread as a side. Practice that portion control and banish the butter too!

So far, so good on the SOS! I will be back next time with a calorie counter that will keep you in control, some souper easy recipes, and, of course, my progress!

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