A Shoulder Workout You Won’t Shrug Off!


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Heidi Klum isn’t giving anyone the “cold shoulder” looking this hot!

Aside from being sexy eye-candy, our shoulders assist in daily movement and help physical performance more than you may be giving them credit for. Carrying heavy bags of fresh autumn fashion, dressing in your new duds, even swiping your credit card all call upon the most complex joint in your body.

As a former baseball pitcher, shot-putter, discus thrower and jiu-jitsu player, my shoulders have suffered soft tissue tears, bone chips, tendinitis, and arthritis.  After multiple dislocations and painful separations, nobody knows how important his shoulder strength is more than I do.

Check out my tips below to get your strongest, sexiest shoulders ever!

How many fitness professionals does it take to change a lightbulb?  Just one if his shoulders are trained properly!

I’m a pretty strong guy, but something that’s always blown my mind is the shoulder endurance it takes to do something as simple as change a lightbulb!

Add 3 sets of 12 reps of any combo of these shoulder shakers to boost your muscles and to add definition. Check out the following moves to strengthen your shoulders for everyday strain:

Overhead Press (always in front of the face, never behind the head)


shoulder press, the best shoulder exercises, fitness tips


Lateral Raises

lateral raises, how to do lateral raises, shoulder exercises


If you want a defined shoulder like Heidi Klum’s, that makes a strapless dress work and makes your silhouette pop, your goal is to shape up your deltoids. Try adding:

Bench Dips

bench dips, shoulder workouts


Close-Grip Dumbbell Bench Press

close grip bench press, shoulder workouts, chest workouts


(A little bonus here: accentuating this group of muscles also creates a dramatic curve above your bi’s and tri’s.)

This one’s for the guy who’s trying to beef up his neck, traps and delts. Vertical pulling is a highly functional movement.  Any time you’re gonna lift or carry something heavy, your upper trapezius will engage. If you want that hulky, NFL linebacker look, get friendly with the:

Upright row

upright rows, shoulder workouts



shoulder shrugs, shoulder exercises


Even more important than good shoulder strength, is good stability.  The shoulder is an unusual joint, in that it floats, unattached to any skeletal anchor at the trunk.  Our shoulder health is dependent upon healthy scapular stability, which is challenged daily by a combination of gravity, posture and aging.

I’ll be focusing on improving my own scapular (shoulder blades) stability over the coming months with exercises that work my rotator cuffs, middle and low trapezius and rhomboids.  Most pulling exercises will engage these muscle groups, but there are some that will target them directly.

Rear cable flyes

reverse cable flyes, shoulder exercises, back exercises


Wall angels

wall angel shoulder exercise, shoulder workouts


Get strong, sexy shoulders for better function, posture and aesthetic appeal by adding these exercises to your routine!

Message me directly at agnello@mac.com for more detailed explanations of these exercises and with any fitness questions, or suggestions you may have!

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