The Princess Project: Week Two Review of The Skinny Bitch Diet

The Princess Project, The Skinny Bitch Diet, how to go vegan, diets that workMove over meat!

I have been on the Skinny Bitch Diet for a few weeks now and am still a fan! As mentioned in the last Princess post, this is a “cut-the-crap diet” that makes you eat mindfully and meat-free.

Giving up meat and fish may seem like the end of the world for many of you Protein Princesses, but I assure you that you will still stay strong! Plus, the Bitch has blasted another TWO pounds away!

Need a reason to celebrate veggies? This Friday happens to be World Vegetarian Day! Read on for some meatless miracles and to learn more about why it’s worth a try!

Kick the Carcass

These bitches hold nothing back about telling you why you should deep six that steak! Phrases like “rotting flesh”, “carcass”, and “consuming pain and suffering” are enough to make you choke on your chicken! There are also some pretty blunt descriptions of where your meat and fish come from and the conditions that they are subjected to. It’s worth a read just to educate yourself on the industrial production of animals in our country.

What’s for Dinner?

So what’s a girl gonna do when she’s looking for some sustenance? I hit up my local Whole Foods and was shocked to see the shelves stacked with meatless miracles of every type! Burgers, Brats, “Ribs”, and Chk’n abound. Some of these meat-mimes don’t quite make the grade, but most are flavorful and heart-healthy alternatives to the “real” thing. They also pack a protein punch with an average of 13-19 grams per serving. while it’s not the same as 45 grams found in a chicken breast, you can see how a few portions a day will add up.

A few of my favorite products are Boca Burgers (the most meat like texture), Tofurkey Italian Sausage Links (amazing on the grill!), and Gardein Chk’n Scallopini (tasty and versatile). I’ve also added more tofu and beans to salads or on top of whole grains with veggies. The trick is to season everything to your liking and to let go of expecting an exact copy of your old carnivorous cuisine.


Not quite ready to break up with your butcher? Try going meatless once a week. I’m a huge proponent of the Meatless Monday movement. Better yet, try making at least one meal a day meat free. You’ll cut down on the amount of saturated fat, hormones, antibiotics, fillers, disease, and cholesterol that you consume and you’ll be making a socially conscious statement (so hip!). Ahh, inner peace and harmony await you 🙂

What I learned:

  • Meat ain’t so neat. It’s kinda gross how we mass-produce animals for slaughter.
  • Much of the meat and fish we eat is loaded with chemicals, fillers, antibiotics, and other nasties. Yuk.
  • There is no passable vegan substitute for fish. I shed a tear, but embrace my avacado roll!

My Goals for the Next Week:

  • Maintain at least four workouts. Weights are in my future for sure!
  • Stay on track with the scale. Those 25’s are still waiting.
  • Finish another week on the Bitch!

Would you consider going meat free at least one day a week? Let me know!

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  1. Ha ha. This came up as I was searching for Skinny Bastard. I pretty much gave up most forms of meat, I still eat fish and chicken. I’ll eat red meat about once every two weeks. After reading that book, a lot of the food industry grosses me out. I gave up all dairy immediately after finishing that chapter, same with eggs. Haven’t touched either since. I for sure noticed a difference without dairy.

    My site: Does Creatine Help?

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