The Princess Project: Week One Review of the Skinny Bitch Diet

The Princess Project, The Skinny Bitch Diet, how to go vegan, diets that workVeggie love is in da house!

I will admit that I am already a dairy avoiding pescatarian, but The Bitch takes it all the way the max. No meat, no seafood, no dairy. Also, just like doing  laundry, the diet doesn’t want whites (sugar,flour,rice) anywhere near your colors (veggies and fruits)!

The results? Lots of extra energy and weight loss to boot! Find out more about what I’m eating and how it’s working on the Skinny Bitch Diet!

Gettin Down to Bitchness

The Princess Project, The Skinny Bitch Diet, diets that workThe first several chapters of the Bitch basically break down why you should avoid the typical meat and dairy based American diet. These girls get pretty graphic! Trust me, even if you don’t do the diet, it’s worth a read. I had no idea how disgusting and unneccessary most of the ingredients we eat are. You won’t look at food the same again….and that’s a good thing!

By the way, I lost TWO pounds 🙂

Dumping Dairy

Each week on this diet, I’ll fill you in on why the Bitches want you to avoid a certain “evil” (animal based food). This week, it’s time to dump dairy!

The book points out that we are the only animal on the planet that drinks milk after we are a baby. We are also the only species to voluntarily drink the milk of a different animal source. Kinda gross if you think of it. Even more vile is the fact that most American dairy is pumped up with hormones, antibiotics, and bi-products. Kind of makes you wonder if it really “does a body good”!

I think the absolute hardest thing for most people to accept is cutting out dairy. No cheese, ice cream, butter, or even sour cream! If you really think about it, none of these things really have a place in a healthy diet anyway. They are all loaded with cholesterol and fat. Besides,I’ve never heard of a weight loss plan that was based on eating ice cream (please let me know if you have!).

Life Goes On…Even Without Cheese!

I had a lot of fun looking for SB approved alternatives to these foods. Due to the increased awareness of heart disease and food allergies, there is a lot more out there besides just soy milk.

Take a look in the “dairy” aisle of your grocery store for almond milk, rice, and coconut milk. There are even delicious frozen desserts and yogurts too. It may be a little different from what you’re used to, but give it a try even if it’s just for a week or to add some new choices to your pantry. Almond Breeze is delish and SO Delicious “ice creams” are as much of a guilty pleasure as a pint of Ben and Jerry’s!

As far as vegan cheese goes, unfortunately,you will not find nearly the same variety as the real deal. Also, these subs are not quite as exchangeable as swapping out milk. I do like Follow Your Heart brand dairy free cheese alternative because it tastes good and it gets melty. The Bitches laud it, and trust me, when you’re jonesing for some cheesiness, this is as close as it gets!

What about eggs? Eggs are out too for many of the same reasons as milk is. There is also a note of consideration for animals here. Need some SB smack down? An egg is the menstrual cycle of a chicken. No omelette for you today! Try a little tofu scramble instead for a protein boosted bitchin breakfast.

What I Learned:

  • I can survive without cheese. Yes, you can too!
  • Most dairy alternatives have calcium added and you can get a ton of calcium from foods as well.
  • My sinuses are better without dairy. Who knew?

My Goals for This Week:

  • I have been MIA from the gym for almost a week! Back on track for sure tomorrow.
  • I would LOVE to drop another pound.
  • Protein power is the theme of my meals to help amp up my workouts!

Are any of you Skinny Bitches? What are a few of your favorite dairy “stunt doubles”?

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