The Princess Project: Review of the Special K Challenge!

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I can’t believe another two weeks of dieting are over!

I am wrapping up my tryst with The Special K Challenge and have to admit that this carb-centric kick actually did some good!

Read on to find out the skinny on Special K!

After two weeks of eating Special K cereals for two meals a day and supplementing Special K snacks into my diet, I am happy to report a loss of two more pounds!

To date, I have lost a total of five pounds between The Eat Clean Diet and The Special K Challenge. Alas, I also gained one back along the way so my net loss is four pounds ( I shouldn’t have had that Sunday bagel).

The back of  one of my Special K boxes says, ” Jeans Don’t Lie!”, and boy are they right! I definitely fit into my jeans better now, but I’m still not “25” again.

Here’s What I Liked About The Special K Challenge:

1.  It’s EASY!!! Just purchase a few of the many SK products and replace two meals and snacks with them.

2. Carbs galore! I lost weight and got to eat cereal twice a day.

3. Portion control and exercise are the key to slimming down.

Here’s What I Wasn’t so Crazy For:

1. Processed food overload! I missed the variety of clean eating.

2. Limited dietary flexibility. If you’re a strict vegan, gluten-sensitive, or have a milk allergy this diet gets a bit tricky. Most of the products have some food allergen in them.

3. Carb and sugar overload, even though I love them both!

The “Princess” is off on vacation for a week! I’ll be using my P Project skills to keep my “diet” under control while away for sure. I also chose a hotel with a gym and am planning a LOT of walking. Vacations are always a challenge for dieters, but they’re also a ton of fun! Check out my post-vacay-diet reality check below:

Next diet up: Skinny Bitch for September!

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