Are You Skinny-FIT or Skinny-FAT?

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Who would you rather look like?

Tori Spelling or Jessica Biel ? Paris Hilton or Gwyneth Paltrow?  Giuliana Rancic or Jennifer Aniston?

While all of these women are beautiful and thin, there’s a big difference between skin-and-bones and long-and lean. Ladies, skinny does not equal healthy!

What determines whether you are skinny-fat or skinny-fit  is your body composition.

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Body composition refers to the amount of lean tissues compared to fatty tissues in the body.  A healthy percent of body fat at any age is between 12% and 26%. We think poor Tori is hanging on by a string to the low end of that range. She may be skinny, but it’s scary not sexy!

Read on to find out how to optimize your body composition and stay skinny-fit forever!

What Body Composition Does For You

Ideally we would all keep our lean-tissue percentage higher and our fatty-tissue percentage lower.  Not only does keeping your body fat percentage low help you look amazing, it’s actually better for your overall health. Extra fat clogs up arteries, coats your organs, and slows you down. Ugh!

In addition to looking hot, a healthy body composition will also:

1.  Raise your metabolism

That means you will burn more calories when you exercise AND at rest. Imagine burning what you eat even while you’re asleep!

2.  Slow the aging process

Research shows that on average, individuals experience a 2 – 4% decline in resting metabolic rate with each passing decade after the age of 25. Less muscle means saggy, flabby skin especially in your arms, legs, and rear-end.

Don’t despair! The good news is below in tip number 3!

3.  Increase strength

Having people help you carry your groceries is nice. Needing people to help you do it all of the time is a pain in the butt!

Increase your strength and you’ll extend your independence plus you’ll be able to burn calories while helping others out as well. Talk about good karma!

4.  Increase cardiovascular efficiency

Your heart is a muscle right? (psst- it is!)

Think about that the next time you want to skip the stairs. Work a little more cardio into every day. Then, see if you can make it to your three-story walk up without complaining under your breath!

The Best Body Composition Boosters

1. Optimize your nutrition!

Balance every meal with a power-combo of lean proteins, complex carbs, and produce. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should have a serving of each of each of these body “building- blocks”.

2. Control Your Portions!

A portion of lean protein for women should be the size of the palm of your hand. A serving of fruit or carbs is about the size of a baseball.  On average, your veggies should cover 2/3 of your plate. Keep healthy fats to a minimum and remember to keep all of your food clean.

3.  Lift weights!

I cannot stress enough the importance of resistance training.  Lifting weight creates more lean mass. Period. Incorporate big, multi-muscle movements into your workouts as much as you can.

4. Improve your cardio!

No excuses!

You don’t necessarily need to work harder just smarter. If you only have 20 minutes, do intervals. Alternate one minute of super hard work  with one minute of easy recovery.  Of course if you have more time, shoot for four or five 45 minute sweat-sessions a week.

If you follow our advice, we promise you’ll be skinny and fit enough to fight off  fat, flab, and fine lines for years to come. Say no to skin-and-bones and yes to firm-and toned!

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