The Princess Project: End of Round 1, The Eat Clean Diet

The Princess Project, diets that work, how to lose weight fast, The eat Clean Diet, The Special K ChallengeI can’t believe that July is already over!

I just completed Round 1 of The Princess Project, which was The Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno. Over the past month I followed several different “Eat Clean” meal plans, worked my butt off at the gym, and blogged about it along the way! I’m now ready to move on to Round Two, and a whole new diet strategy.

Want to know my results? Want to know what’s next? Read on to find out!

The Results!

Here’s the moment of truth! I was hoping to lose at least five pounds on The Eat Clean Diet. I weighed in yesterday and had lost four pounds. So close! I do fit into my jeans better, but still not those 25’s.

What I learned:

  • Clean eating is delicious and easy to follow! If it’s in a box, chances are it shouldn’t go in your mouth 😉
  • 5-6 smaller meals a day is a little tough to keep up with, but keeps you from binging or snacking too much.
  • Protein + complex carbs= lots of energy!
  • The Eat Clean Diet is for everyone. If you have a family, are vegan, or have a wheat allergy, there’s no excuse for you! The ECD covers all types of dietary concerns.

Here’s What’s Next!

Special K Challenge, The Princess Project, diets that work, how to lose weight fastI am facing a really tight schedule over the next few weeks, so I am looking to keep up the dieting, but without the effort of  cooking and preparing lots of meals. I also want to try something that is a so-called “quick fix” to boost my weight loss. Enter The Special K Challenge!

Considering that my own name starts with a “K“, I am finding this plan to be fun and a little kitschy. There’s a lot of brand emphasis here, but there’s also a lot of portion control, food options, and flavor combinations to help add variety. The most ironic part is that The ECD relied on almost no packaged food and The SKC relies almost entirely on it!

Here’s the plan:

Day One Starts today!

Have you tried the Special K Challenge?Let me know if you have and keep an eye out to see how the first week goes!

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