No “Butts” About It! Work Your Way Toward a Beauty of a Booty!

This pic gives a whole new meaning to “Coco Puffs“!

Coco's butt, pictures of Nicole Austin, best exercises for your butt


My mouth fell open as I came across these surreal pictures of Nicole “Coco” Austin’s bodacious booty! While I think it’s pretty obvious that there’s a ton of silicone in that valley, the article in Huff Po quotes her crediting doing “squats in stripper heels” to acquire her,um, assets.

Lunges in lucite stilettos may not be catching on as the newest fad in training your tush, butt check out a few  kick-butt non traditional moves ( no squats or lunges!) that were recently highlighted in Oxygen Magazine!

Oxygen is one of my absolute favorite resources for refreshing my workouts. I was psyched to read the “Great Glutes for You!” article in the August edition. I am quite the opposite of Coco, and have to really push to bump up my bottom!

Try adding these moves into your own training routine. Do 12-15 reps of each and repeat for 3 sets. Kick it up a notch by performing  the exercises as a circuit, taking no more than 60 seconds of rest between each round to really blast your bum:

Donkey Kicks:

Try to focus on driving your heel toward the ceiling to keep good form.

donkey kick exercise, butt exercises that work, how to tone your butt


donkey kick exercise, butt exercises that work, the best glute exercises


Hip Extensions:

Click here to see the entire sequence of this booty-blaster on!

hip extension exercise, best butt exercises,, how to get a sexy butt


Fire Hydrant:

Yup! This exercise should conjure up an image familiar to any dog owner, butt it’s also a great way to build up your bum!

fire hydrant butt exercise, butt exercises that work, how to get a firm butt


Mountain Climbers:

If you’ve ever taken a boot camp style class, you’ll remember this tush-torcher for sure! Alternate legs for 30 seconds at a time. Pop this in between the other exercises to get an extra cardio-kick.

mountain climber exercise, warmup exercises, butt exercises that work


There’s more than one way to get a butt that looks like it’s from Brazil! We suggest eating clean, lots of cardio, and kicking your own butt at the gym! Be sure to check out Oxygen magazine for the full workout and lots of other fabulous FIT tips. Bottoms up to Coco and you too!

What is your favorite butt work out? I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. aley

    before you want to talk smack about coco you need to check your facts!

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