The Princess Project: End of Week Three of The Eat Clean Diet

the princess project, the eat clean diet, diets that workThis was the week of cukes-and-zukes!

I completed one week of Tosca’sCooler One” meal plan, which was a big change from the rest of The Eat Clean Diet so far. I ate more cucumbers and zucchini than I’ve ever had in my life! Yes, I really wanted more carbs than the plan allows, but I did my best 99% of the week, and I lost another pound!

Take a peek at what I learned this week and how to make the cooler one plan work for you too!

I love The Eat Clean Diet because of the variety of foods that you’re encouraged to eat every day. There are even several detailed meal plans in the book to help you easily work out your menus for the whole week.

So far, I have followed a free-style ECD meal plan, and the vegan meal plan. I was eating five or six smaller meals a day, which meant munching on something every two to three hours. Both of these revolved around having a protein, two complex carbs ( a whole grain and a veggie), and drinking a lot of water at each meal.

As much as I love this diet, I am tired of being stuck at the same weight. My plan of attack for week three was to do the “cooler one(c-1) meal plan and seriously bump up the cardio. Pain, deprivation, and temptation followed !

The C-1 Plan differs from the other plans in a few ways. First of all, there is only a whole grain at breakfast. Secondly, there is no meal number 6. Finally, you are only eating one piece of fruit a day (at lunch). Lots of protein and water-based vegetables = weight loss and dreams about loaves of bread!

Here is what I ate today:

*note: I don’t eat meat, but you can sub chicken for my tofu and meat alternatives.

Meal One: old fashioned oats with ground flaxseed and cinnamon. Water and green tea to drink. 3 tsp of ground

Meal Two: Veg-chicken( non-meat) with sliced cucumbers and radishes. more water.

The Eat Clean Diet cooler one plan, The Eat Clean Diet, Tosca Reno, best diets , diets that work

what I ate

the Eat Clean Diet, how to cut carbs, low carb diet that works

What I wish I ate!

Meal Three (shown): Spinach, tofu, cucumbers, and lemon juice.

note: I love to get my salads at a shop near my job where they put out huge, free bowls of piping hot fresh foccacia bread all day. I ate here 5 days this week, and, I admit to taking a piece a few times, but that’s a drastic reduction since before! So hard!!!

Meal Four: An apple and a hand-full of almonds.

Meal Five: “chickn” breast, steamed zucchini, half a sweet potato.

That was pretty much what I stuck to the whole time, for a couple of reasons. First of all, it was about 96 degrees every day, so chopping up some vegetables was about as much cooking as I could do. Secondly, a more restrictive diet looked like a good way to drop some stubborn weight, and it did!

Combine this plan with hour long cardio sessions and weights and you’ll be losing weight in no time at all. Keep in mind that this particular plan isn’t meant to be forever. I think it’s a great way to wake up your metabolism and to help cut cravings too. Trust me, I really enjoyed my cheat meal(and a piece of fudge!) too on Friday!

What I learned this week:

  1. I have a bad relationship with bread and sugar, but the Cooler One Plan helped me start to walk away!
  2. Cutting carbs= cutting lbs
  3. You will have plenty of energy for even the most kick-butt gym sessions, even without a loaf of bread (lol)

My goals for Week 4 of The Eat Clean Diet:

  1. Continue C-1 Plan for another week ( there’s only 7 days left of Diet #1)
  2. Drop another two pounds, which would give me a total of five lost on The Eat Clean Diet!
  3. Keep it up at the gym, even though I am traveling this week.

Has anyone tried the Cooler One Plan? What are you eating?

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