The Princess Project: Days 2 Through 5 of The Eat Clean Diet

The Princess Project, The Eat Clean DietI survived the 4th of July without exploding my whole diet!

I said it would be a challenge, and it was. I have to admit that I “indulged” in two cheat meals, but I really did my best to make them as clean as possible, and enjoyed them tremendously! I have also been kicking my booty big time at the gym, so I’m hoping to still see a little change in the scale at the end of Week One.

Check out the cheat eats below and also what I learned the past few days!

I Love You Man, James Beach fish tacosI’m going to be completely honest here. My boyfriend and I are in LA for a bit, and we are big fans of the movie “I Love You Man“. Thus, we had to check out the fish tacos at James Beach Bar & Grill.

CHEAT MEAL1, July 3, Meal 4:

1/4 of a pint of Alagash Ale

Fish Tacos : the BEST grilled mahi mahi I’ve ever had

a tbsp of guacamole

fresh salsa

a forkful of black beans

Oh, and one small flour tortilla, but I gave my boyfriend the other 2!

What I learned:

I am actually feeling full way sooner than I used to. It’s amazing and I am aware that I need to stop eating when that sensation arises. Time to cut back on my portion sizes.

The Backyard in Santa Monica, grilled octopus salad, cheat mealsCHEAT MEAL 2, July 5, Meal 3:

One “Backyard lemonade” cocktail at The Yard in Santa Monica (this was the cheat!)

Grilled octopus salad (organic apricot, cucumber, parsley salad with lemon juice)

As you can tell from the pic, this ended up being way less of a cheat than I thought, but the alcohol still has no place in a clean body 😦

Otherwise, things have been on track:

Meal 1: Oatmeal with fruit

Meal 2: egg whites and veggies

Meal 3: still tricky

Meal 4: protein, a carb, and more vegetables.

clean eating, delicious vegan foodThis pic is my 4th of July Celebration!

1 Vegan Boca burger, on a whole wheat bun, with 1 oz vegan cheese

grilled veggies


1/2 a grilled peach for dessert


What I Learned:

I still need to ramp up the protein and add meal 5 somewhere. Again, I think the portions must be too big, and I am too full to be hungry.

Goals for Week 2:

  1. Eat more balanced meals
  2. Add Meal 5 to the mix
  3. Portion control
  4. Keep it up at the gym

Check in tomorrow, as I reveal a sample of my kick-butt conditioning workout!

Clean eaters unite! Did your plan “blow up” this weekend or did you soldier through? Let me know how you stayed on or are getting back on track!

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