Jessica Simpson’s Extreme Vegan Diet: 6 Tips to Make it FIT

Jessica Simpson'd extreme vegan diet, veganism, diets that work


Beauty, shoe, and bag buff  Jessica Simpson recently tweeted about her cleansing extreme vegan diet. While we applaud Jess’s decision to take better care of herself, her comment about not doing this for “weight loss” looks to be true. As Jessica approaches the big 3-0, she has steadily been gaining weight over the years.

Here are a few key tips about how to go vegan and stay FIT at the same time.

While Jess used to think “real girls eat meat, many women (and men) avoid it and other animal products as well. Going vegan is a major lifestyle change; trust me, I know, because I’ve been vegan for most of the past 3 years! My decision to try it was to lose weight. I figured that if I had to cut out cookies and cake due to the eggs and butter in them, then I would drop some lbs.

Just like Jessica, I actually gained weight initially, because I was trying out every vegan food product I could find; ice cream, fake meat, breads, and snacks alike. Vegan or not, processed foods and out of control portions make you gain weight!

Once I figured out what was going wrong, I tightened the reigns on my food choices and lost 10 pounds by eating healthy and exercising. I also had way more energy, noticed my skin was more radiant, and lost my cravings for sugar, caffeine and cheese.

Here are some key points to remember when you forgo meat and dairy:

  1. Eat clean, real food. Remember, even vegan processed food is never as good for you as natural food.
  2. Balance your diet. Incorporate a protein, complex carb, and fruit or veggies at each meal. Vegetable protein is often not complete, so you should supplement it by combining it with whole grains, for better processing by your body.
  3. Watch your portion sizes. Cook more, dine out less.  Overeating makes you fat, period. Click here for an easy guide to portion sizes.
  4. Carbs, fat, and sugar don’t change just because you lifestyle does.Vegan” does not equal “diet” or “fat free“. Read your labels and know what you are putting into your mouth.
  5. Exercise! Vegan does not mean weak. Check out this amazing list of pro-athletes who are vegans!
  6. Hydrate. Always keep a water bottle on hand to help avoid dehydration, keep your energy levels up, and to aid in digestion.
  7. Have fun! This is an exciting change! Even if you are just doing it for weight loss, you’ll still feel good about being cruelty free, environmentally sound, and super healthy.

We wish Jessica a very happy and healthy 30th next Sunday! We hope she learns from her vegan experiment and feels the amazing benefits of eating healthy, clean food!

Are you a FIT vegetarian or vegan? Do you incorporate “meat free” days into your diet?  We’d love to hear about it!

photo credit:corkey/news

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