Need a Diet Boost? Try the 21-Day Power Lunch Challenge!

You’re getting sleepy, verrrry sleeepy! That post-lunch slump is brutal, especially when you have a late afternoon meeting, or worse, you have another 5 hours until your shift ends.

Consider a midday makeover. No, not Botox on your break! Recharge with this diet challenge in the latest Veg Times!

Here’s the 21-Day deal:

  1. Take 20 minutes to mindfully munch a veggie lunch.
  2. Get up and walk for 30 minutes.
  3. Ease your way back into the afternoon with 5 minutes of meditation.

1. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag!)

Be like Pam Anderson and Alicia Silverstone by packing a vegetarian lunch for the next 3 weeks. You’ll be FightingFineLines by boosting your intake of age-defying antioxidants, fiber, and lean protein. Fat Free Vegan and Cooking Light both offer fast, easy recipes that you can make on the weekend and savor through the week. Better yet, choose food you can eat cold or at room temp to avoid wasting time trying to re-heat your eats. Instead, spend time (15 to 20 minutes) mindfully enjoying every nourishing nibble!

2. Moving Right Along

Make your mealtime more motivating by taking a brisk 30 minute walk. That’s right, yank yourself away from the You-Tube, put down your latest Peoplemag, and get your butt moving! Walking will help you digest better and get your blood moving to keep your energy up through the whole afternoon. Bump it up a notch by stomping the nearest staircase to tone your legs and booty too.

3. Ease Back Into It

Take those final few minutes of your power hour to sit quietly, breathe, and reflect on, well, you! Take notice of how your mind and your body are feeling and spend a few minutes to re-set yourself for the rest of the day. Meditation helps relieve the tension and stress that can wreak havoc on your nerves and rapidly add to your aging. Try this mini-yoga breathing technique from the gurus at Gaiam to soothe your way back to your inbox.

Challenge yourself today! Sign up for a weekly news letter, recipes, and even a Starter Vegetarian Kit to help incorporate more of this lifestyle into your own. Who knew a lunch hour could do so much?

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