The Princess Project: Day 1 of the Eat Clean Diet

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Does 6 meals a day, eating all the food groups, and not starving yourself sound like a diet? Well, it is! Welcome to The Eat Clean Diet- Recharged. Created by fitness competitor and nutrition expert, Tosca Reno, this “diet” is actually more of a a lifestyle change. The idea is to fuel your body with “clean” foods, flush fat and toxins with water, and stabilize your systems. Read on for a sample of a day’s worth of meals, and how I’m feeling after my first day!

I have been a fan of Oxygen magazine and Tosca Reno for years. I’ve even secretly dreamed of being of cover girl, although I’ve yet to be dedicated enough at the gym to even model as a “before” pictures.  Hey, she didn’t discover fitness at all until her 40’s, so I still have time!

The  principles of The Eat Clean Diet (ECD) are pretty simple: if you fuel yourself with the best nutrition possible, your body will respond with better health, weight loss, and optimal performance. No real food is restricted. The emphasis on the “real” is important, because that means you have to dump all the fake garbage you eat that makes you fat. No fries, no candy, and definitely no soda! It makes perfect sense!

My first day was awesome, but I have to admit, I didn’t follow it 100% perfectly. Below is what I ate. You can see that I did not have a proper ECD lunch, missed meal #4 and overindulged at dinner(no surprise!). I’m also not a fan of vitamins, so I need to work on that too.

Here’s my Day 1 menu:

Meal 1 (7 am): 2, 8 oz (1c), glasses of water, 3 egg whites with 1 oz of Vegan cheddar, 1/2 c of mixed fresh berries, 1/2 c of old fashion oats (made with water) with cinnamon on top. A cup of mint green tea.

The Eat Clean Diet, fitness, healthy breakfast, dietsMeal 2 (10 am): 3 egg whites, 1 c baby spinach, 1/4 of an avacado, a small slice of 7 grain bread. 1 c water, 1 cup of cucumber white tea(hot)

Meal 3 ( 1pm): 1 pint of fresh strawberries.That was it. They were so good, I ate the whole container, and was too full for anything else!

Meal 4: Didn’t happen. I was out and about, plus still full from Meal 3.

Meal 5 (7:30): 1 full slice of 7 grain bread, 5 olives, 4 pickled antipasta peppers, 2 c grilled veggies (raddichio, zucchini,peppers, portabellos), olive oil (to grill veggies), 1 small slice of grilled pineapple, 1c water, 6oz red wine.

Meal 6: Ugh! Out of time and over-full from dinner. Had a cup of chamomile tea.

Overall, I am not used to eating so much or so often. The food was delicious, especially since I’m in So-Cal at the moment( produce heaven!). I will be working on upping my protein and vitamin intake, for sure. My biggest surprise: I had no caffeine or “sugar” and craved neither. I’m finally going to be free of my Starbuck’s habit!

This Princess feels like royalty so far; let’s see how the next few days go.

Next challenge: 4th of July weekend!

Is anyone else following The Eat Clean Diet? Let me know how you’re doing below 🙂

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