Jennifer Aniston’s Fab Abs… And Our Top 3 Tips on How To Get Them!

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Jennifer Aniston looks like she’s in the best shape of her life in her recent Smart Water ad. Sexy arms, toned legs, and a super lean midsection… Want abs like Jen’s? No problem… check out our Top 3 Tips to get ’em.

#1 Clean up your diet.

Jen denies the recent rumors that she’s been on the Baby Food Diet to get this tight bod, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been dieting. She’s clearly been doing something different, and one of those things is likely a change in what she’s been eating. Try these quick-fix tips to cut calories and get yourself on the right track:

  1. Get rid of juice and soda
  2. Get rid of condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayo, and BBQ sauce)
  3. Get the salad dressing on the side
  4. Get rid of snacks and cereal
  5. Brush your teeth immediately after dinner so you won’t be tempted to snack before bed

#2 Drink plenty of water.

It’s not just a coincidence that Jen’s new body happens to be on display in a Smart Water ad. Water keeps your metabolism functioning the way it should, keeps your energy levels high, and keeps you from getting those wicked cravings in between meals. So instead of carrying snacks with you during the day, carry of bottle of H2O instead. Better yet, add a little caffeine to the mix with Starbucks Via instant coffee packets. The caffeine will give you a little extra pick-me-up, and control those cravings even more.

#3 Get to the gym.

Speaking of Smart Water… this is a no brainer! If you want abs like Jen, you gotta find a way to get yourself to the gym.  A quick hit of caffeine from your Via packet, or from a few sips of coffee towards the end of your work day can really help give you the extra motivation you need to choose the gym over your couch, especially if you pack a gym bag before you leave in the morning. If you can’t get yourself there after work, try setting the alarm an hour earlier, and get a morning workout in. Put your gym clothes and shoes right next to your bed so they’re ready and waiting for you when when the buzzer goes off, and take a swig of Vitamin Water-Energy to get you moving. The whole key to getting the more routine down is just that… a routine. Once you make it a habit, you’ll be hooked… we guarantee it!

The next time you get to the gym, try these three great moves for killer abs like Jen:

Stability Ball Crunches

Scorpion Leg Lifts

Standing Plank Roll Outs

Photo/Video Credits: HuffPo,

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2 responses to “Jennifer Aniston’s Fab Abs… And Our Top 3 Tips on How To Get Them!

  1. ohh, Jennifer Aniston is so sexy, so pretty. And fun. I love her, and FRIENDS! FRIENDS is the best.

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