Welcome to FFL’s New Little Sister… FIT FineLines.com!

Welcome to FITFineLines.com! One of the 5 best ways to FightFineLines… Fitness, Fashion, Fortune, Food, and Fun. Join us several times a week for the best fitness and diet tips to control your weight, your stress, and your mind. Feel healthy. Feel well. Feel wonderful!


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3 responses to “Welcome to FFL’s New Little Sister… FIT FineLines.com!

  1. I would like to know if any of you have heard of the supplement “Isagenix”?? I have a friend who’s trying to get me to buy the product and I really would like to know more than what she just tells me. Thanks!! =)

    • MAS

      Hi Lisa! Isagenix is a “nutritional cleanse” program. The gist is that you will replace 2 meals with one of their special shakes, bars, or soups and have a third sensible meal.
      Although they claim this is not a fad diet, the restriction of real food is not something most of us can keep up for a long time. In my own office, we had several people on this system about a year ago. Some lost a ton of weight and some lost nothing. It all comes down to discipline and fitness in the end. Once they stopped the program (I think 6 months was the longest they could stand), the weight came right back.
      One more caveat I have is that you get an “incentive” for referring more people to try the products. I felt that the sales tactic there was a little shady, but that’s just my opinion.
      If you have an event to go to or are looking to drop a few pounds to jump-start your motivation, check it out. Otherwise, portion control, weight training, cardio, and stress management are all the 100% guaranteed way to reaching your healthiest fitness goals!

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